Project Management

At Wire Construction Ltd we pride ourselves in efficient problem solving. Our skilled work force has every resource to enable professional and cost effective management. We have become successful project managers by exploring a large range of excavation and demolition work. From installation of bridges to flood work remediation we strive to deliver a quality product by continually evaluating our system for improvements and implementing necessary change. We believe that experience is the best knowledge and that is why at Wire Construction we are always looking for the next exciting and unique challenge.

Excavation and Demolition

With over 50 years combined knowledge and experience we focus our growth in the commercial and private sectors as we expand our fleet and team. Being the foothold of the business, Wire Construction provides exceptional product and exhibits great passion within this area of work.

Environmental Construction and Remediation

2013 saw a new series of jobs involving hundreds of meters of re-armoring riverbanks and stream using Class 1, 2, and 3 riprap. Constructing fish habitat using root wads and J-hook rock formations all while keeping silt and sediment levels within a workable range. Working through tight time allowances due to the Bow rivers fish migration was all completed with care and on schedule. Working together with Engineers, Environmental consultants and ESRD our projects went smoothly and kept within our COR certifications.